Prescribing Pharmacist Available

 At TIBB PHARMACY CLINIC, our skilled team is committed to being your first line of support for timely care, fostering a healthier community lifestyle. Collaborating with your primary care provider, we offer an array of specialized services including prescribing within our scope of practice, tailored to your unique needs and whenever you need us.

We treat minor illness, minor injury, women’s health, men’s health, and offer prescription refills, smoking cessation, lab requisition, compound medicine, travel medicine and vaccine/injection consultations/administration as well as chronic diseases consultation and medication reviews.

Medication Reviews/Consultations

Our pharmacists can help you manage your medical conditions by reviewing medications, Lab work, Interaction with food, lifestyle or other medications. Pharmacists work with your Doctor to optimize current therapy. Questions on your medications or health, talk to our Pharmacist!
Also discuss non medicated ways to keep healthy!

Travel Vaccinations/ Immunizations/ Consultation

Through the Consultation we go through your previous vaccinations and educate you about what vaccines you would require for your destination and vaccines that need to be boosted. Access to your past travel vaccinations records so you don’t get a vaccine that you may not need. Our Travel clinic is a one stop shop where you will get all your travel vaccinations needed counselled, prescribed and administered to ensure that you’re ready to travel anywhere on the globe while staying safe!

Easy Prescription Transfer

Transferring Prescriptions from another pharmacy is easy as always! Talk to our staff to transfer your medications or submit an online request.

Free Delivery of Prescriptions

Direct to your door prescriptions. Enjoy the convenience of free same-day prescription delivery.
Some Restrictions/Conditions apply. please speak to a pharmacy team member.

Diabetes Management

We help you to have control over your diabetes through counseling, lifestyle changes, and adjusting your current medication regimen. Diabetes education is the key.

Quit Smoking

Conquering your smoking habit can be difficult. That’s why We are here to help you with resources to help you get started. Find out what products may be right for you, how much you’ll save and how to start your personalized quitting journey. We also can prescribe medications plus Nicotine Replacement products for smoking cessation.

Compliance Packaging

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember to take medications when prescribed – let alone multiple medications. We offer complimentary blister packaging for your medications in an easy to understand clear plastic pods prepared in the appropriate time slots so you know when to take them and you will be able to easily keep track of your medication.

Compounding Services

We help you to get all compounded medications prescribed to you. Free delivery. Some conditions apply. Ask from your team.


Our Pharmacists administer many vaccines/immunizations including Flu, Covid, and Shingles Vaccine. We do inject travel vaccines. We inject all types of hormonal therapies. Just ask from us.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. You can ask our pharmacist to check your blood pressure at the pharmacy at no extra cost and direct about proper measures to keep your blood pressure under control.

Men's Health

At TIBB PHARMACY CLINIC, we understand that men’s health is very important, and we offer services to address specific concerns. If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, we have medications that can help. Our knowledgeable pharmacists can provide information and guidance to assist you.

Erectile dysfunction

Minor Injury

Accidents happen, but you don’t have to let minor injuries get you down. Whether it’s a cat or dog bite, a sprain, strain, or joint pain, or even a sunburn, TIBB PHARMACY CLINIC is here to assist you. We offer a variety of products to clean and dress wounds in our first aid section, pain relievers for joint discomfort, and soothing creams and lotions for sunburn relief.
Bug bites and Stings
Cat / Dog Bites
Cuts Blister and Wounds
Sprains / Strains / Joint Pain
Skin Rash and Irritation

General Ailments

When you’re feeling under the weather with minor illnesses, your's very own TIBB PHARMACY CLINIC is here to help. Common causes of minor illnesses include seasonal or other allergies and infections. Our pharmacy clinic provides a range of services to help you get back on your feet. We offer allergy relief medications, over-the-counter treatments for earaches and infections, sore throat remedies, strep thorat testing and medications for UTIs and bladder infections.

Bronchitis / Cough
Ear Aches / Ear Infections
Flu like symptoms
Indigestion and Heartburn
Mouth and Oral Pain / Conditions
Nausea / Vomiting / Diarrhea / Constipation
Pink Eye / Stye
Sinus Infection / Congestion
Sore throat and Strep Throat
UTI / Bladder infections
Cold Sores
Athletes Foot
Chicken Pox
Lice / Scabies

Women's Health

At TIBB PHARMACY CLINIC, we prioritize women’s health and provide a range of services to support your well-being. From birth control care to pregnancy and maternal health, we offer contraceptive options, prenatal vitamins, and medications to alleviate morning sickness. Additionally, we have Plan B emergency contraception available and treatments for yeast infections.

Birth Control Care
Pregnancy, maternal and morning sickness
Plan B
Yeast Infections

Skin Conditions

In teenagers, the most common skin condition is Acne Vulgaris. We strive to help you for early detection and offer treatments. For the seniors, Shingles is another skin condition for which we offer vaccine for anyone 50+ age and offer treatment in case you got Shingles episode.

Cold Sores

Labs, Testing and Much more

Promoting overall wellness is at the core of Tibb Pharmacy Clinic's mission. We offer a variety of services to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle like ordering labs as per your medications use, prescription refills and smoking cessation products to meet your health care needs. Additionally, we provide services for various chronic health conditions to ensure early detection and prevention like diabetes, kidney disease etc.

Prescription Refills
Smoking Cessation
Monitoring Labs